Ganvié, nicknamed the "Venice of Africa", is located in the heart of Benin, on the shores of Lake Nokoué. This picturesque and vibrant lakeside city is distinguished by its unique architecture, centuries-old traditions and unique lifestyle.
Lake Nokoué is the lung of Ganvié, providing the inhabitants with their main livelihood. Fishing is a central activity, and the colorful canoes crisscross the canals from morning to evening, bringing with them an undeniable vitality and energy. 
The history of Ganvié goes back to ancient times, when the local populations, fleeing the slave attacks, found refuge on the waters of Lake Nokoué. Thus, this lake city emerged, becoming a symbol of resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity. The people of Ganvié have preserved their customs and traditions through generations, perpetuating a unique way of life.
Daily life in Ganvié is animated by the constant comings and goings of canoes, exchanges on floating markets and ritual ceremonies that celebrate the spiritual connection between the community and the lake. 

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