Cataracts, an opacification of the eye's lens leading to vision loss, are a major ocular health issue in Benin. Despite often being unknown to the general public, this disease significantly impacts the quality of life for thousands of Beninese individuals.
With the initiatives of the Claudine Talon Foundation, the goal is to reduce and combat these diseases by providing free cataract screening and surgery services

Direction Signs for Cove Hospital, Benin. September 21, 2023.

The queue for cataract screenings at Covè Hospital, Benin. September 21, 2023.

Doudouvomato Emilienne, the grandmother, accompanied by her daughter and grandchildren, awaits the screening for her cataract as she has become completely blind. In a few days, the restorative surgery will take place. Covè Zone Hospital - Zou, Bénin. September 21, 2023.

A patient undergoing cataract screening by an ophthalmologist. Covè Zone Hospital, Bénin. September 21, 2023

Meticulous preparations before patients head for surgery. From the call of the patient, to the administration of anesthetic drops through the supply of drugs and the conduct of blood tests

Surgeons working diligently, performing surgeries three at a time in the operating room, with each procedure taking an average of 20 minutes per person. Covè Zone Hospital, Bénin. September 26, 2023

The day after surgery, it's time to remove the bandages, revealing a world no longer shrouded in darkness. Covè Zone Hospital, Bénin. September 26, 2023

I thank the Claudine Talon Foundation from the bottom of my heart for its precious action. 
In collaboration with international doctors, the Ministry of Health and ARISE IIP, your organization performs miracles every year.  Your commitments are an inspiration to us all.
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